Tuesday, August 26, 2003

well.... that woz a drama and a half!! i nearly lost my blog (yes, im the only person who could lose a blog)

hmmm.... well i didnt... but thats got me thinkin bout lost things... n strangely for some reason about the film brown sugar...

do i remember the first time i fell in love with hip hop? YES! most definitely.... it woz 1997, august... i heard a song on the radio... back in the day i used to tape songs i liked off the top 40 onto these tape and then id tape over it.

well.... the song was everything by mary j blige, i recorded it twice, on both sides of the tape!! and that tape has never been taped over... its now in tape heaven cos i played it til it popped! well... that spiralled into an obsession... i borrowed her album off my friends sister, and taped it off, then i played that tape til it popped... the next christmas i got the share my world album bought for me!

within 6 months i'd bought the whole mary j blige back catalogue! since share my world she has released 3 albums... i have bought all of them the day they came out.

Friday, August 22, 2003

My first post.... aww, sorry im a blog virgin, i dont really understand this thing so I apologise 2 n e 1 reading if dis doesnt make sense.

okies, well 2 things u need 2 know about me. 1. i cant spell, or use punctuation or grammar or n e thin like dat n 2. i dont usually make much sense.

so... wat am i supposed 2 rite on this blog/blogger thing anyway??

"Anything i want" apparently (sorry am gettin help from an experienced blogger/blog person wateva)

well then, im goin 2 moan, as its my favourite thing 2 do.... although im not in much of a moanin mood 2 day, cos:

- i got paid :) so my bank account is healthy again,

- tha guy im seein (yes... im actually still seein him james) is STILL in leeds (til sunday yay)
oh, im pissed off at him, cos im sure he keeps lyin 2 me, and tha one thing i hatemost in tha world is people lyin 2 me (although I do tend 2 lie 2 other people if i feel like it, or if they piss me off)

- im goin 2 stay at my mates house 4 tha whole weekend so i wont see me parents for 3 days!!!! (ha, that makes me sound so young, i jus really dont get on with my parents)

- only 3 days 2 go (tuesday mornin) til tha new mary j blige album comes out (double yay)

my retail therapy sessions (amounting 2 over £200) have obviously helped me get rid of all my stress

i even started writin lyrics again 2 day... oh yeah, my secret dream is dat i want 2 b a rapper..... (opportunity to take the piss)..... (opportunity over) No, seriously i do and i wrote my first decent lyrics in ages 2 day:

like a basketball y'all can bounce
you sellin crack by the gram, i sell my rap by the ounce
waitin like a panther, ready to pounce

thats tha best bit of it, cant be arsed typin tha rest

phew... my first time over... well dat wasnt 2 painful... at least not 4 me!

ooh, jus remembered queen latifah woz on the fresh prince 2 day, so thats made me super chuffed as well!

anywayz, laterz!

x x x

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